Proliferative Verrucous Leukoplakia with Dysplastic Changes


  • Sanaa Ahmed
  • Muhammad Nasir
  • M. Sibghatullah Khan
  • Maria Naz
  • Uzma Bukhari



Proliferative verrucous leukoplakia is one of the rare premalignant white lesions with highest conversion rate to malignancy.
It grows gradually and irreversibly with multifocal presentation, exophytic and verrucous appearance. This lesion has been
reported resistant to all therapeutic approaches including both non-surgical and surgical. Predisposing factors include
female gender in the 6th decade of life. Proliferative verrucous leukoplakia has the highest tendency to neoplastic transformation
and progression to oral squamous cell carcinoma and oral verrucous carcinoma in majority of the cases. The case of
proliferative verrucous lesion clinically appearing benign presented here but on histopathology proven dysplasia in a patient
with the history of smoking which he stopped six years back.


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