Frequency of Esthetic and Periodontal Complications in Patients of Metal Ceramic Fixed Dental Prosthesis


  • Moiza Ijaz
  • Saira Ibrahim
  • Ammara Sharafat
  • Sameena Younis
  • Ayesha Satti
  • Abdul Rehman



Esthetics, Metal ceramic, fixed dental prosthesis, Periodontal


Objective: To determine frequency of complications in patients with fixed metal-ceramic dental prosthesis
Study Design & Setting: A cross-sectional study was designed and conducted on 141 post-treatment patients of Fixed
Dental Prosthesis (FDPs) at Armed Forces Institute of Dentistry, Rawalpindi, Pakistan from Sept 2019 to Feb 2020.
Methodology: This study analyzed the results of 141 patients whose records were completed during study duration of 06
months at Department of Prosthodontics, Armed Forces Institute of Dentistry, Rawalpindi. Patients were called at three
months follow up after provision of fixed dental prosthesis. Intraoral examination for presence of esthetic and periodontal
complications was done by inspection, palpation and probing. Complications were graded according to severity.
Results: Esthetic complications with FPDs were observed in 13.47% (n=19) of the subjects, periodontal complications
were encountered in 9.2% (n=13) and 77.3% (n = 109) showed no complications at all. No significant difference was
observed in terms of type of complication encountered between males and females or between different age groups.
Conclusion: Complications in patients of metal-ceramic FDPs were observed in 22.7% patients only, of which 13.47%
were esthetic and 9.2% were periodontal complications.


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