Cesarean Scar Pregnancy: Report of Two Cases


  • Habiba Sharaf Ali




Cesarean scar pregnancy, suction curettage, laparotomy


Cesarean section scar ectopic pregnancy is rare pregnancy complication. They have become common due to an increase
in cesarean sections worldwide. The following report outlines two cases of scar pregnancy in women; both women had a
history of two previous cesarean sections. Both were type 2 scar pregnancies as they protruded from the uterine myometrium
towards the uterine serosa.1 The first woman initially received suction evacuation. The products, however, could not be
entirely evacuated. As a result, laparotomy was performed. The second patient also underwent laparotomy due to her
symptoms. Obstetricians need to keep a high index of suspicion while managing women with risk factors for an ectopic
scar pregnancy. Failure to detect and pledge rapid treatment can lead to uterine rupture, massive hemorrhage, and maternal
death. In the following report, presentations, and management of these two cases are discussed followed by a review of
published literature


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