Anthropometric Measurements for Determination of Occlusal Vertical Dimension in Relation to Eye


  • Pooja Kumari
  • Sajida Khuhawar
  • Muhammad Rizwan Memon
  • Madiha Khalid Memon
  • Naresh Kumar
  • Priya Rani Harjani



Anthropometric measurements, Dentate, Freeway Space, Occlusal Vertical Dimension-OVD, Vertical dimension


Objective: To determine the mean vertical dimension of occlusion among dentate population by using different
anthropometric measurements in relation to eye.
Study Design and Setting: It was a cross sectional study conducted at outpatient department of prosthodontics, Liaquat
University of Medical and Health Sciences, Jamshoro from March –Sep-2019.
Methodology: Five eye characteristics were measured. The distance between the outer canthus of one eye and the inner
canthus of the opposite eye is measured in millimeters, outer canthus to rima oris distance, interpupillary distance, mid
pupil to rima oris distance and canthus to tragus distance. Data were analyzed using SPSS Version 20. Mean and SD for
age distinction between right and left pupil, rima oris and tragus. The outcome was assessed using age and gender
stratification. The age and gender groups were compared using a t -test.
Results: Total n=100 patients with complete dentitition were included for data collection. Mean age was 22.75±1.86 years.
Mean vertical dimension of occlusion (OVD) among dentate population was 67.73±1.02 mm. The mean inter canthus
distance was 63.13±2.95mm, the mean interpupillary distance was 61.21±1.67mm, rima oris to pupil was 67.46±1.53mm
and eye to ear distance was 70.04±1.68mm
Conclusion: The OVD index identifies the precise vertical dimensions as being present in dentate populations. This index
could be used in clinical setting before using other methods to estimate vertical dimension to provide a general sense of
the patient's vertical dimension


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