Esthetic and Cost Effective Management of Young Female with Moderate Fluorosis Using Microabrasion;


  • Umeed Jawaid
  • Muhammad Rizwan Nazeer
  • Ayesha Jawed
  • Meisha Gul



Esthetics, Dental Microabrasion, Tooth Discoloration


Primary concern of majority of young patients visiting dental OPD is compromised dental esthetics or dental pain.
Discolorations have significant social and esthetic effects. Fluorosis is one of the most common cause. It is prevalent in
different areas of Pakistan. Microabrasion was selected for treatment of discoloration in this case report. Microabrasion
was performed using slurry made by combining 37% phosphoric acid and pumice. This slurry was applied on the labial
tooth surface and mechanically rubbed with a prophylaxis brush in a slow hand piece for a minute, with gentle pressure.
The cycle was performed thrice followed by fluoride application. The results of this conservative treatment were satisfactory
and patient was satisfied with the esthetic outcome.


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