Volume-7, Issue-4, October-December, 2017

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1. Increasing Trend of Swimming and Water Sports in Pakistan Causing Ear Related Problems (Iqbal Hussain Udaipurwala) Download PDF
2. Keep Away from Fluoride: A Toxin for Human Health (Kiran Fatima Mehboob, Tahira Hanif, Bushra Wakeel, Muhammad Asif) Download PDF
3. Knowledge of Depressive Illness among Non- Psychiatrist Doctors (Raja Muhammad Shoaib, Tallat Najeeb, Tehreem Fatima Muzaffer)  Download PDF
4. Knowledge of Dengue Fever among Health Care Professional in large hospitals of Makkah al Mukarramah (Syed Majid Hamid, Muhammad Irfanullah Siddiqui, Raef Ahmed Muhammad Qutub, Fahad Raees, Sambreen Hashmi) Download PDF
5. The Need for Medical Rehabilitation during Floods: A Cross-Sectional Survey of Physicians from Pakistan Armed Forces (Sahibzada Nasir Mansoor, Farooq Azam Rathore) Download PDF
6. Restorative Effect of L-Arginine on Gross Morphology and Adrenal Weight in Streptozotocin Induced Diabetic Rats (Yasmeen Mahar, Iram Quddus, Farhan Muhammad Qureshi, Tahira Assad, Aisha Qamar) Download PDF
7. Awareness about the Hazards of Repeatedly Heated Cooking Oil (Naveed Mansoori, Naveen Shahid, Imran Bakar) Download PDF
8. Emergency Obstetric Hysterectomy (Haleema Yasmin, Shazia Naseeb, Shoaib Malik, Razia Korejo) Download PDF
9. Morphometric Analysis of Celiac Trunk in Male and Female Adults of Karachi by using 3D Multidetector Computed Tomography Angiography (MDCTA) (Rosheena Nabeel Khan, Nuzhat Hassan, Madeeha Sadiq, Muhammad Ali) Download PDF
10. Effect of Nigella Sativa on Biochemical Changes in Doxorubicin- induced Nephrotoxicity in Albino Rats (Wazeer Ahmed, Basheer Ahmed, Ashok Kumar, Mumtaz Ali) Download PDF
11. Role of Tobacco Metabolism in the Causation of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma in a High-Incidence Area of South Asia (Mohiuddin Alamgir) Download PDF
12. Association of Students Intrinsic Motivation and Autonomous Support of Teachers on Academic Performance of Dental Undergraduates of Karachi (Kiran Fatima, Farnaz Ilyas, Wahab Buksh Kadri, Kanza Urooj, Ayesha Saeed)  Download PDF
13. An Organizational Challenge: Reframing Of Leadership to Introduce Masters Program in Basic Sciences (Rehana Rehman, Rabiya Ali, Rakhshaan Khan, Fazal M Arain) Download PDF
14. Effect of Interactive Sessions (IS) and Problem Based Learning (PBL) With Regards To Student Learning Among MBBS Students of BUMDC, Karachi (Sohail Moosa, Adil Dawach, Ramsha Muhammad Abid, Khushboo, Ainul Akber) Download PDF
15. Arthritis Mutilans: Case Report of an Uncommon Squeal of Psoriatic Arthritis (Farooq Azam Rathore, Saeed Bin Ayaz) Download PDF
16. Effect of Exercise on Anxiety and Depression (Humera Waqar, Aisha Qamar) Download PDF