Volume-3, Issue-2 July-Dec 2013
Category: July 4, 2018

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1. Tobacco Consumption and the Menace of Oral Cancer in Karachi (Mohammad Mohiuddin Alamgir) Download
2. Dens Invaginatus Literature Review (Shama Asgar) Download
3. Grip Strength Test A Simple Functional Adjunct Tool for Rheumatoid Arthriris (Fuad Shaikh,Nasim karim,Khalid Mahmood,Mohammad Ishaq Ghauri) Download
4. Effect and Toxicity of Methanolic Extract of Brassice Pleracea on Body Weight of Rabbits (Tahira Zamir, Rabia Arshad, Talea Hoor) Download
5. Ageing Ovariees and Endometrium in PCO (Ambreen usmani,Ayesha Qamar, Sadaf Sadiq) Download
6. Placental Gross Morphology in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (Rabia Arshad, Tahira Zamir, Nasim karim) Download
7. Guide Lines for Itme Writing by National Board of Medical Examiners Problem Based Learning and use of case Clusters (Night huda, Talea Hoor) Download
8. Self Medication Practices in Pakistan (Tahira zamir,Nasim Karim) Download
9. Awareness Regarding HIV AIDS Among Non Medical u niversity Students (Mehroash Irshad,Muhammad Javaid,Maryum Irshad,Nudrat Jahan,Sehar Javaid,Arisha Qawal,Aqsa Iqbal,Nadia Khalid) Download
10. A Rare Case of the Small Cell Neuroendocrine Carcinoma of urinary Bladder (Anis Hussain Jafri,Aziz Abdullah, Saba Jamal) Download
11. Dengue Fever Cause for Concen (Shakeel Ahmed ) Download